Pickleball Activities

Come play on our 8 pickleball courts

Pickleball Drop-In:

  • Drop-in play is Monday-Friday 8-12am (9-12 on chilly days)
  • Four or more courts are available for Drop-in play
  • Two courts are for A players (more advanced) and two courts for B players (less advanced)
  • There is a paddle rack for both levels
  • Come and join the fun

Pickleball Challenge Court Play for 4.5 and 5.0 Players:

  • The Challenge Court play is on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 8-11 am (9-12 on chilly days)
  • One or two courts are available for Challenge Court Play
  • Winning team stays on the court until they lose

Pickleball 4 Player Clinics:

  • Get 3 other pickleball players and set up your own clinic with Andres or Paul
  • Only $20 per person per hour
  • Call (775) 689-2975

Reserve a Pickleball court:

  • Get 3 other pickleball players and play continuously for an hour or two
  • Call in advance to reserve your court
  • Call (775) 689-2975